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What We Do

San Mateo County

Adults with developmental disabilities in San Mateo County can benefit from The Arc's resources and services.

Employment Services

Participants are provided training, placement, and coaching to help them succeed in their professional roles. 

Adult Life and Work

For clients who want more life experience before taking on a full-time job, The Arc offers a balanced schedule of classes, cultural activities, life skills training and volunteer or part-time employment.

Residential Living Services

Provides support so clients can make a smooth transition to living independently, with training and direct support for all the tasks of daily living, from learning how to shop and cook healthy meals to paying bills and cleaning.

Housing Advocacy

Our Housing Advocacy team works to provide access to safe, affordable housing so that clients can live on their own, in their own homes, in their own neighborhoods with a sense of belonging, security and community. 

ArtReach Studios

ArtReach Studios provides a unique arts academy environment where adults with developmental disabilities can pursue art as a means of personal expression and to develop new skills, connect to a larger art community and realize financial gains through sales of their work. Students in this innovative program get support in pursuing a major course of study, as well as encouragement to try different art forms in expressive, visual and media arts. All classes are taught in our Daly City studio by instructors from The Arc, with guest lecturers and community artists augmenting the curricula.

Visit our artists and unique art at:

For more information about our The Arc San Mateo County and ArtReach Studios, email Lance Scott, Director of Arts, Recreation and Socialization at


The Arc San Francisco-San Mateo County & ArtReach Studios
6644 Mission Street, Suite A
Daly City, CA 94014-2014
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